Baltic Sea regional cooperation in action
01-06-2018 13:00

Imagine two ships colliding in a European port causing a barrel with dangerous chemicals to splash into the sea. A Border Guard Patrol vessel arrives to investigate the situation.

Experts from the neighboring countries are needed to recover the barrel safely. The neighboring country’s authorities are contacted for assistance, and specially trained divers arrive with the neighboring country's coast guard.

This fictional – but potentially all too real – scenario is going to unfold in Tallinn’s Seaplane Harbor in front of a large audience on June 5, as a live demonstration of how cooperation in the Baltic Sea region can prevent loss of lives and money. 

The demonstration is part of the 9th Annual Forum of the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, which takes place in Tallinn, Estonia, on 4-5th of June 2018. The demonstration is a result of cooperation between Policy Area Secure, coordinated by the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, and Policy Area Maritime Safety, coordinated by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and the Danish Maritime Authority.  

The demonstration is a practical illustration of the theoretical panel discussion, which will take place earlier that day at the Annual Forum’s venue. The panel will focus on the life-cycle of exercises, from the identification of the problems, to the logistics and evaluation, as well as on how the results of joint exercises can be used efficiently to improve practice.  

The panel discussion will be opened by the Municipal Mayor of Viimsi Municipality, Siim Kallas, former Vice-President of the European Commission and former Prime Minister of Estonia, and will include prominent experts, researchers and practitioners from the Baltic Sea region.



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