Visit DMA buoy tender during Maritime Cultural Days in Korsør
25-08-2017 13:00

The Danish Maritime Authority's buoy tender POUL LØWENØRN will be alongside in Korsør in connection with Maritime Cultural Days.

​The Danish Maritime Authority will soon move to new headquarters in Korsør. But at first, the authority's buoy tender POUL LØWENØRN will be visiting Korsør in connection with Maritime Cultural Days. Once again, the Danish Maritime Authority will attend Maritime Cultural Days in Korsør where our buoy tender will be open for visits on Saturday, 26 August 2017.

  • POUL LØWENØRN open ship
  • Saturday, 26 August from 10 am to 3 pm
  • The vessel will be alongside at the Service and Maintenance Centre on Søbatteriet 2 in Korsør

POUL LØWENØRN is one of the Danish Maritime Authority's two buoy tenders. The vessel is used to solve assignments related to maintenance of aids to navigation such as buoys and lights in Danish waters. Furthermore, the buoy tenders are used for hydrographic surveys and other assignments.

Manager of Operations Martin Balle from the Danish Maritime Authority:
"We will place various buoyage equipment on the vessel's deck and, furthermore, visitors can see the bridge and the arrangement of the vessel."

Also this year, the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board will have a stand on deck. The Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board strives to ensure safety at sea for those who spend their spare-time at sea.

Focus on safety

Visits to the buoy tender will focus much on safety. It will be possible to see various types of aids to navigation and the vessel's function in this connection. You can also see the SejlSikkert App (safe navigation) and learn how to use it for safe navigation. Furthermore, you can get more knowledge about the Danish Maritime Authority's general assignments and get information about the vessel's arrangement and capabilities – especially in relation to its functions. So, all in all, there will be something for adults and for curious children.

Facts about 'POUL LØWENØRN'

  • The overall length of the vessel is approx. 49 metres
  • The overall width of the vessel is approx. 11 metres
  • The vessel has a draft of 3.10 metres
  • Maximum speed: 12 knots
  • The crane has a maximum coverage of 13 metres and is capable of lifting 10 tonnes
  • The chain winch is capable of pulling 30 tonnes at a speed of 10 m/s





Safety of Navigation, National Waters
Martin Balle, Chief Officer
+45 72 19 63 84