If your hands are on the steering wheel, you have the responsibility
05-05-2020 16:00

When you skipper a personal watercraft or speedboat, you cannot hand over the steering to others - if your hands are on the steering wheel, you need a license.

Photo of personal watercraft

​From 1 May, the rules for operating watercrafts or speedboats have been specified. This means that whoever have their hands on the steering wheel of a personal watercraft or speedboat must have the necessary qualifications.

In other words, the skipper of the vessel cannot entrust the steering to a person who does not have the required qualifications.

In the wake of the serious watercraft accident in the Port of Copenhagen in 2017, requirement for license for personal watercrafts was introduced, which entails a prior theoretical and practical test.

In connection with enforcement of the requirements, it has been necessary to clarify the rules so that there is no doubt that you must have a license, when you are steering the personal watercraft or speedboat.

The amended rules entered into force on 1 May 2020.



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