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​When a ship is registered in the Register of Shipping, it is important that the information registered corresponds to reality. The Register of Shipping has the same legal function as for example the land register for real property. According to the act, both the buyer and the seller are obliged to report a trade or other changes, such as loss of ship, scrapping or the like to the Register of Shipping within a period of 30 days.

Annual fee for registered ships

If you were the registered owner of a ship on 1 March 2015, you have received an invoice.

Has the ship been sold or lost?

If your ship has been sold, lost or the like, you must report it. In the FAQ, you can read what applies if your ship has been sold, scrapped or lost.
FAQ on the annual fee

Are you required to pay an annual fee for a registered ship?

The annual fee applies to all ships registered in the Danish registers of shipping. The amount of your annual fee depends on your ship's tonnage.

Your ship's tonnageAnnual fee
Gross tonnage below 20DKK 800
Gross tonnage between 20 and 500    DKK 1,600 
Gross tonnage above 500DKK 2,400


The annual fee is calculated on the basis of the information registered in the Boat Register, the Register of Shipping and the Danish International Register of Shipping as of 1 March each year.​

If you application for registration cannot be accepted due to a lack of documents, signatures or the like, your application for registration will either be rejected or sent for completion. This means that the documents will be returned to you in order for you to remedy the lack. An application for registration can be rejected in case of serious lacks, for example if the alleged owner cannot document his ownership right. If your application for registration has been rejected, it will not be considered. If, on the other hand, it is a case of minor lacks in your application for registration, such as a lacking power of attorney, your case will be sent for completion. In this case, the original date of application for registration will be decisive for whether an annual fee must be paid or not.

You can check what has been registered about your ship on (in Danish)


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