Conversions require a new survey

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If you have your vessel converted, it must be subjected to a survey.

Even conversions that may, at first sight, seem to be minor can contribute to creating poor stability. Unfortunately, a number of serious accidents in recent years clearly testify to this. 

Inform the Danish Maritime Authority about the conversion

If your vessel is subjected to major conversions, you must inform the Danish Maritime Authority. Then, we will assess whether the vessel should be surveyed. You must inform us when the conversion has commenced. In case a survey is needed, it will be made by a ship surveyor from the Danish Maritime Authority. 

If you are in doubt whether the alteration requires a survey of the vessel, please contact the Danish Maritime Authority.

Unfortunately, some masters of fishing vessels forget to report conversions of their vessels and to have them subjected to a survey after the conversion. Therefore, shipyards or engineering shops that convert fishing vessels are now also required to report the work to the Danish Maritime Authority. This will ensure that we know about your conversion and can help you get as safe a vessel as possible.



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