Have your vessel surveyed every fifth year

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​​​In the future, all small fishing vessels must be surveyed every fifth year to ensure that the vessel is a safe place to be accommodated and work.

The surveys will be introduced gradually during a five-year period where the smallest vessels are to be subjected to surveys first.

When is it time for a survey?

You will automatically receive a letter from the Danish Maritime Authority when the time has come for a survey of your vessel. The letter contains information about the survey and the preparations that you must make.


At the survey, the ship surveyor will, inter alia, take a closer look at whether the vessel has been converted or considerably altered since its original approval. Conversions of your vessel may have led to poor stability and, thus, an increased risk of an accident.

In order for the survey to be finalised quickly, we recommend that you yourself check the vessel before the survey.

If your vessel does not comply with the regulations, it may be dangerous to use it and therefore it is possible for the ship surveyor to withdraw your trade permit.


You yourself must pay for the survey. You pay at a rate for every hour that the ship surveyor spends on the work - including preparation and subsequent desk work.



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