IMO Council

​​​​​​​​Denmark has been re-elected to the Council of United Nations' International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In November 2017, there were elections to the Council of the United Nations Maritime Organization (IMO) for the period 2018-2019. As a maritime nation, Denmark has a strong interest and share in the work of the IMO and has had a seat on its governing body, the Council, since 2001. Denmark still wants to contribute to the development of global shipping and, therefore, stands for re-election to the Council.

Denmark was elected for a new period during the IMO Assembly in London 2017.

The IMO sets global standards

The IMO is United Nations' specialised agency for shipping affairs, the task of which is to set global standards for maritime safety and environmental protection of the oceans. The IMO has 172 member States, 40 of which have a seat on the IMO Council. The Council is responsible for controlling the work of the Organization and, inter alia, for scrutinizing the work programme and budget of the IMO, coordinating activities, presenting reports and proposals to the Assembly, etc.

Denmark's key issues

In the IMO, Denmark is, inter alia, striving for the following:​​

  • to ensure a generally high level of safety at sea for seafarers;
  • to reduce the administrative burdens imposed by international regulation;
  • to support the use of modern technology and digital solutions;
  • to ensure open markets and a level playing field globally.

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