How will the amendments affect me?

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​On 1 January 2017, new regulations become effective for all seafarers. The amendments will affect how you renew your certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency. They will also mean that all seafarers must refresh various qualifications regularly in order to have their certificates renewed.

The educational and training requirements for seafarers have become stricter. This means that seafarers who are already in service at sea must meet new requirements to have their certificates of competency renewed after 1 January 2017.

In order for you to see how the new requirements will affect you, you need to find out when your current certificate of competency expires.

  • You can find the date of expiry of your certificate of competency or get an overview of your certificates by logging in to My page.
  • If your certificate of competency expires in 2016, you can read more about how it will affect you here.
  • If your certificate of competency expires in 2017 or later, you can read more about how it will affect you here.


As something new, you must in the future refresh your qualifications in "basic maritime safety and fire-fighting". If you also perform "fire management on board ships", "operation of liferafts and lifeboats", "operation of rescue boats" or "operation of fast rescue boats (FRB)", you will also be required to refresh these qualifications in the future.

This must be done every fifth year for the functions used on board ships - and always before the expiry of the existing certificate of competency. However, refresher courses in maritime safety and fire-fighting must be completed by all seafarers irrespective of their function on board ships.

You can read more about how to refresh the various certificates of qualifications here.

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