The Danish Maritime Authority is monitoring the situation with COVID-19 carefully in Denmark as well as globally.

First and foremost, all shipping companies, ships and seafarers should follow the advice and guidance from The Danish Health Authority and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. All questions concerning risk of infection, diseases, treatment and considerations in relation to travels or port calls are referred to the above-mentioned authorities and to the instructions and directions from the authorities in the country in which the ship calls port.

In addition, the Danish Maritime Authority is available to offer assistance and guidance to ship-owners and seafarers in regard to any unique situation that may arise. 

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The Danish Maritime Authority will strive to provide the necessary solutions, in order to handle a given challenge without delaying the ships or affecting the operations unnecessarily.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Danish Maritime Authority:

During openings hours please call +45 72 19 60 00 or write to

In case of an emergency outside opening hours please call +45 72 19 60 00.

Questions and answers - Corona/COVID-19

Shipping companies and maritime businesses can seek information for businesses at (in Danish).

Seafarers, shipping companies and ships are facing various challenges. Below you will find answers to some of the questions that may arise. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you are welcome to contact the Danish Maritime Authority.

What do we do, if we are facing problems meeting deadlines in regard to inspections or certificates?

Contact the Danish Maritime Authority about the specific ship. As a general rule, we will be able to issue the necessary permits for extension and postponement.

What if a seafarer's certificate expires and cannot be renewed?

Contact the Danish Maritime Authority. As a general rule, we will be able to issue the necessary permits for extension and postponement.

Foreign certificates (for foreign seafarers) cannot be extended by the Danish Maritime Authority. In the event of problems with foreign certificates, the Danish Maritime Authority will assist with contact to the relevant foreign authority in order to obtain the necessary extensions.

If problems arise or if you have questions regarding medical certificates, courses in fire-fighting, certificates of competency etc., you can contact the Danish Maritime Authority, who will try to find a solution.

What if a Danish ship has problems with port state control, quarantine orders etc. in another country?

If problems arise with certificates for a ship or crew in connection with a Port State control inspection, the shipping company shall contact the Danish Maritime Authority, who will seek to assist.

Special injunctions, quarantine requirements etc. are made in accordance with applicable rules of the Port State. Should problems arise in this connection, you can contact the Danish Maritime Authority, who will, as far as possible, assist with support and guidance and establish contact with relevant authorities in the country concerned.

Can crew members and other personnel that involved in the ship's operation and maintenance enter Denmark?

The Danish Police have stated that all work-related entry into Denmark is allowed. It is the understanding of the Danish Maritime Authority that, so far, this also applies to persons who have a work assignment related to maintaining a ship’s operation and maintenance. They should bring documentation, e.g. an invitation letter, a copy of an employment contract or the like.

In case of doubt, contact the police for guidance.

Information from the Danish authorities about coronavirus/covid-19.

Can passengers on ferries stay in their cars on the car deck during the crossing?

Answer: On ferries, during the covid-19 situation, it may be necessary to allow passengers to stay in their vehicle on the car deck during the voyage. This decision can be made by the shipping company in consultation with the captain and based a concrete assessment of what is necessary to ensure safety and health on board.

In such cases, the shipping company must have set up necessary procedures to deal with the particular situation. A maximum number of passengers who can stay in the cars during the crossing must be determined.

It must also be ensured,

  • that there is sufficient space between the cars at all times so
  • that all passengers can easily get out of the cars with direct access to emergency exits,
  • that guard duty is maintained on the vehicle deck throughout the crossing and that there is sufficient crew on the vehicle deck to assist in case of an evacuation,
  • that the number of passengers sitting in cars on the car deck is counted,
  • that an evacuation plan and emergency exits from the car deck to the ship's rescue equipment are planned, as well as procedures to verify that everyone is evacuated from the car deck.

How to prevent coronavirus infection on board the ships?

On board the ships, the same precautions apply as everywhere else. The Danish Maritime Authority recommends following the health authorities' advice and guidance on how to avoid infection.

It is also important to follow the guidance and instruction of the local port authorities.

Information from the Danish authorities about coronavirus/covid-19.

What to do if a seafarer on board is infected with coronavirus?

If a seafarer on board falls ill, the ship's master must, in consultation with Radio Medical, consider the best treatment. Precautions for other crew members, prevention of infection, etc. must be decided in consultation with Radio Medical.

If treatment is to take place ashore, the Danish Maritime Authority can assist the shipping company with contact to relevant authorities at home and abroad.

Contact Radio Medical Denmark

How do I get original ship registration documents to Denmark from Greenland?

In the current COVID-19 situation, you must expect longer delivery time by post from Greenland to Denmark

According to Post Nord and TelePost, they ship post two times a week.

The Danish Ship Register can be contacted for advice and guidance on telephone +45 72 19 60 00.

Mail to The Danish Ship Register

What should the ship and the shipping company do if requirements for safe manning cannot be met?

The shipping company shall contact the Danish Maritime Authority. The Danish Maritime Authority will be ready to assist in finding and permitting a temporary solution, provided that safety is not compromised.

Mail to the Danish Maritime Authority

Are you as a foreign seafarer allowed to go ashore (shore leave) while staying in Danish ports?

No, according to the Danish Police, shore leave for foreign seafarers is not deemed a worthy recognized purpose for entering Denmark.

Read more (in danish)

Is it possible to change crew in Danish ports?

Yes, according to the Danish Police, signing on or off in Denmark in connection with crew change is allowed, as it is deemed a worthy purpose

Read more here (in Danish)

What to do if a crewmember on board has symptoms of COVID-19?

If a seafarer on board falls ill with symptoms of COVID-19, the ship's master must consult with Radio Medical. As a rule, the seafarer must be placed in isolation on board.>br>
Read this guideline for further information on how to isolate a crewmember.

Read guideline



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