Image of ship in Arctic regions

​​​ArcticWeb facilitates your navigation and voyage planning in Arctic areas

In order to enhance safety of navigation in the Arctic, the Danish Maritime Authority has taken the initiative to develop ArcticWeb. ArcticWeb is a web application that collects and presents relevant information to persons who are navigating the waters of Arctic regions, including Greenland waters. The information that is both static and dynamic is of relevance to both the authorities and shipowners who have ships navigating these areas. What is special about the web applications of ArcticWeb is that it collects relevant information into one package.

ArcticWeb can give you information about:

• Complete overview of other ships in the area (via AIS)

• Ice charts, satellite charts and prognoses

• Weather data, including weather forecast for planned routes

• Navigation warnings

• GREENPOS reporting and coast control

• Coordinated voyages through the exchange of routes and voyage plans

• Assistance tools

• Frontpage with general information (links to relevant webpage, such as the DMI, Danish Geodata Agency, etc.)

You can get access to ArcticWeb from any computer that is connected to the internet. This makes it possible to supply and exchange information with as many ships as possible on the existing systems. It is not necessary to install new hardware on board ships to use ArcticWeb.

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Bjørn Borbye Pedersen, Director
+45 72 19 63 21