Navigation in Greenland

Image of ship in Arctic regions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Safety of navigation in Greenland waters and the Arctic region are two of the Danish Maritime Authority's key areas of interest.​
On this page, you will find relevant information in the form of national and international orders, regulations and guidelines that may help you navigate the Arctic region in a safe manner.

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to other relevant sources of information that may be helpful when planning and carrying out a safe voyage.

IMO Polar Code

The IMO Polar Code entered into force in January 2017. The Polar Code contains requirements for the construction, stability, equipment and voyage planning of the ships covered as well as for the education and training, etc. of the crew.

Furthermore, the Polar Code contains regulations on protection of the vulnerable nature in polar areas. These requirements are described in the part on environmental regulations.

In Denmark, the provisions of the Polar Code have been enacted through "Order on Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, the construction and equipment, etc. of ships".

ArcticWeb Greenland

In order to enhance safety of navigation in the Arctic, the Danish Maritime Authority has taken the initiative to develop ArcticWeb. ArcticWeb is a web application that collects and presents relevant information to persons who are navigating the waters of Arctic regions, including Greenland waters.

Today ArcticWeb is operated by the Norwegian Coastal Administration. The Danish Maritime Authority is still partner and data provider.



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