The Arctic region

Still more cruise ships are navigating Greenland waters as a consequence of the increased interest in adventure tourism in Greenland. Now, approx. 40 cruise ships are visiting Greenland waters every year.

However, not only Greenland waters have experienced an increase in voyages. All over the Arctic area, voyages by ship are increasing. In the Arctic region, Danish shipowners and marine equipment manufacturers have good potentials for growth. Naturally, this means that there is a greater need for safety in this area. Therefore, navigational safety in Greenland waters and the Arctic region are two of the Danish Maritime Authority's key areas of interest.

Below, you can read more about navigation in Greenland waters. You can, inter alia, download the special safety package that contains regulations and specific information about Greenland navigational conditions. You can also read about ArcticWeb, which is a platform that collects relevant navigation information in the particular area where you are at the moment. ArcticWeb collects information about, for example, ice charts and prognoses, navigation warnings, etc.