Where can I find the regulations?

The regulations on the carriers' liability for passengers and insurance obligation as well as the passengers' possibilities of being compensated and passenger rights are stipulated in four sets of regulations:

The Athens Convention is an international convention that Denmark and a wide number of other countries have acceded to. The Convention establishes the liability for passengers and their belongings that rests with the one performing or arranging commercial passenger transportation by ships over a certain size between countries. Furthermore, it stipulates the obligation to take out insurance covering the liability of the one performing the passenger transportation. 

The Athens regulation transposes the Athens convention into EU law and extends its scope of application. The regulation applies to all international carriers and to certain types of national voyages, i.e. passenger ships engaged on voyages on open seas with high waves (passenger ships of class A and B), if

  • the ship is flying an EU flag or is registered in an EU country,
  • the contract of carriage has been concluded in an EU country, or
  • the ship's place of departure and/or arrival according to the contract of carriage is located in an EU country. 

Part 15 of the merchant shipping act stipulates the Danish provisions together with the Athens Convention. These regulations extend the scope of application compared to EU law since they cover certain passenger ships on domestic voyages that are not engaged on voyages on open seas with high waves ((passenger ships of class C and D) as well as ships permitted to carry a maximum of 12 passengers. 



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