AIS data

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​​Do you need to follow the ship traffic in Danish waters? If you acquire access to AIS data, you can get an instantaneous picture of the traffic situation and you can retrieve statistics and specific information.

In order to be granted access, you must submit an application via the link at the bottom of this page.

Who can get access to AIS data?​

The Danish Maritime Authority grants access to AIS data on the basis of act no. 596 of 24 June 2005 on ongoing use of public sector information (the PSI act). This means that everyone can be granted access to view Danish AIS data.

Types of access

The Danish Maritime Authority offers the following types of access to AIS data:


1. Web access to online AIS data

If you have been granted web access, you can log in by means of a personal login. On the webpage, it is possible to see how AIS navigated ships are operating in almost real-time within the Danish area of coverage. All user accesses are personal or organisationally based. If an organisationally based user access has been granted, it can still only be used in one place at a time (a browser). If more persons need to be able to use the system at the same time, more accesses are required.

2. Online AIS data flow (proxy access) – the advanced solution

You are granted access via a small program, a "Subscriber Proxy" application, which must be installed on your computer. This solution consists in an AIS data flow of raw data. You yourself must acquire the necessary presentation program for displaying and processing data.

The solution contains advanced possibilities of filtering data, replaying incidents, storing data locally, etc.

3. Historical AIS data

You can get access to historical AIS data, which are continuously updated. AIS data are saved as so-called CSV files. In order to be able to use historical AIS data, you must have a special application capable of handling and converting data into a user friendly presentation.

Guidelines for retrieving historical AIS data

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 shows only a limited number of files, i.e. only 1 page and, thus, not all files. Other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, show all files.

Anyway, you are recommended to use an FTP client, such as FileZilla FTP Client or the like, for downloading large quantities of data. Currently, 130 files in *.zip format are available of 1.8 TB.

Get historical AIS data

Log in and apply for access to AIS data

Payment for AIS data

Everyone must pay for the access granted in accordance with the prices below:

Description of type of accessPrices as of 1 July 2018 (excl. VAT)
Web access, annual fee (cut-off date 1 July)DKK 1550,-
AIS data flow via proxy, annual fee (cut-off date 1 July)DKK 6850,-

According to the explanatory notes to the Budget, the Danish Maritime Authority can require payment for "aids to navigation in Danish waters and the sale of AIS data" as commercial services rendered by public authorities. The prices are established on the basis of the provisions of the budgetary guidance stipulating that the costs associated with this must be fully covered so as to aim for balance over a four-year period.


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