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The Danish Maritime Authority makes the following data sets, AIS density plots and navigation warnings available so that they can be used in a wider context.
Read 'Conditions for the use of data' so that you are aware of the conditions and terms.

Overview with data sets and AIS Density Plot

Data sets

Anchorages, regatta lanes and ships' routes are available as WMS services and via the Danish Maritime Authority's data collection on ArcGIS Online.

Information and meta data concerning data sets

AIS Density plot

AIS density plots have been made for selected types of AIS data, namely the following types: fishing vessels, passenger ships and tankers. Density plots have also been made for 'all types of ships'.
AIS density plots are available as WMS services and via the data collection of the Danish Maritime Authority on ArcGIS Online.

Information and meta data concerning AIS Density plot

Navigation warnings

Navigation warnings can be had as a WEB service. The best way of getting familiar with this functionality is by opening this WEB Service URL in SoapUI.
The WEB service is available from:

Use the following WEB service call:


Use "DK" as arg0 country parser. A list of active Danish navigation warnings will be returned. Each individual warning contains, for example a descriptive area designation, geographical area, etc.


Will return the same list as described above, but with fewer attributes and hard coded for "DK".

You can read more about navigation warnings on Nautical information.