Adjustment of Aids to Navigation - Kattegat and Skagerrak

When the new Routing Measures in the vicinity of Skagerrak and Kattegat are being implemented on July 1 2020 the Aids to Navigation (AtoNs) system will be adjusted accordingly on both Swedish and Danish waters. A full list of the adjustment which includes removing and adjusting existing buoyage as well as establishing new Buoys including virtual AtoNs are to be seen on this site together with Map Sketches.

Some of the adjustments have already taken place throughout the spring of 2020 and the rest of the adjustment will take place up to the implementing date of July 1. The adjustments are promulgated in Danish and Swedish Notices to Mariners.

List of adjustments of the Aids to Navigation (Bouyage)

AtoN name​Lat DMLong DMDescriptionChanges
Briseis Flak (DK)56° 19,780' N11° 21,702' EEast Cardinal Q(3)10s ​ADJUST
Rute T3 (DK)57° 30,259' N11° 24,287' ESafe W Mark ISO.4s (K) REMOVE
​Rute T6 (DK)56° 43,700' N11° 54,680' ESafe W Mark ISO.8s (T) ​ADJUST
Rute T1A  (DK)57° 46,760' N10° 55,700' ESafe W Mark LFL.10s (N) ​ADJUST
Rute T 7 (DK)56° 33,210' N11° 41,880' EVirtual AIS AtoN, safe Water Mark ​NEW
Skagerrak virtual (DK)57° 49,480' N10° 16,040' EVirtuel AIS AtoN, Safe Water Mark NEW
Skagen West virtual (DK)57° 49,990' N10° 33,120' EVirtuel AIS AtoN, Safe Water Mark NEW
L Middelgrund Västra (SE)56° 56,958' N11° 52,079' EWest Cardinal Q(9)15sNEW
Groves Flak E (DK)57° 4,791' N11° 36,425' EEast Cardinal Q(3)10s NEW
Store Middelgrund W Q(9)10s (DK)
56° 32,706' N12° 0,287' EWest Cardinal Q(9)15sNEW
Fladen W NEW (SE)57° 10,245' N11° 42,355' EWest Cardinal Q(9)15s NEW
Lille Lysegrund W (DK)
56° 18,571' N11° 29,061' EWest Cardinal Q(9)15sNEW
Entrance to Sound Virtual (DK)
56° 10,920' N12° 24,950' EVirtual AIS AtoN, safe markNEW
TSS L Middelgrund Östra  (SE)
56° 56,210' N12° 4,347' EEast Cardinal Q(3)10sNEW
TSS L Middelgrund Västra (SE)
56° 55,522' N12° 3,934' E
West Cardinal Q(9)15s
L Middelgrund Östra (SE)
56° 59,565' N11° 58,799' EEast Cardinal Q(3)10sNEW
Rute T 9 (DK)
56° 20,753' N11° 26,923' EStarboard Lateral MarkREMOVE
Rute T 2 (DK)
57° 37,618' N11° 5,522' ESafe Water Mark REMOVE
Rute A 5 (DK)
56° 12,732' N11° 5,543' ESafe Water MarkREMOVE
Rute B 7 (DK)
56° 50,929' N10° 47,997' ESafe Water Mark REMOVE
Route B 10 (DK)
56° 17,879' N12° 4,331' ESafe Water Mark REMOVE
Rute D 2 (DK)
56° 31,667' N11° 58,608' ESafe Water Mark REMOVE
Rute T 4 (DK)
57° 5,514' N11° 39,862' ESafe Water Mark REMOVE
Rute T 8 (DK
56° 19,597' N11° 26,143' EPort Lateral Mark REMOVE
57° 7,954' N11° 41,372' EWest Cardinal REMOVE
56° 57,474' N11° 58,911' EEast Cardinal REMOVE

Map Sketches showing the adjustments in the Aids to Navigation (Bouyage) when implementing the new Routing Measures in Skagerrak and Kattegat 1 July 2020

Skagerrak og Skagen area

Kattegat area

Kattegat south area



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