Port installations and regulations

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​​​​​Here you will find information about what to do in connection with works around port installations, the establishment and changes of the waters of ports and port regulations.

Before starting the work, you must apply for a permit for the work from the responsible Government authority:

The Danish Coastal Authority: Marinas and regulations for marinas.
The Danish Transport and Construction Agency: Commercial ports and regulations.

In case the work has an impact on safety of navigation, or when in doubt, you must observe the general guidelines for construction works at sea.

In case of major port alterations, the navigational risk must be analysed.

In case of alterations and extensions of trafficked ports, it must be assessed whether the ship traffic is still safe and whether there is a need for special safety precautions. In connection with major projects, a separate analysis will often be necessary for the construction and the operation phase. Find guidelines on the material necessary here.

Any diving operations must be carried out in accordance with the orders on commercial diving issued by the Danish Maritime Authority. Once the project has been completed, the www.danskehavnelods.dk and the port regulations must be updated. The port must see to it that any information to be used to safely navigate the port is updated and exhaustive.

This information may cover physical changes to the design of the port, the sea area approved in the port regulations, the longest ship that the port can accommodate, water depths in the port, any speed limitations within the sea area of the port, any special conditions related to anchorage in the sea area, other information of importance to navigational safety and the port's contact details, email and internet address.

The information should be forwarded to the Geodata Agency (GST@gst.dk) which updates the Danish port pilot, charts and other nautical publications. At the same time, any new information for the port regulations, including any changed sea area for the port, must be inserted in the regulations. Please observe that new or updated port regulations will not become effective until 14 days after the publication in Notices to Mariners.



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