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​​​Having regattas in waters navigated by large ships may be risky. Regattas must not impede the operation of large ships navigating narrow waters.

The risk of collisions, allisions or groundings is larger in a complicated traffic scenario. Here you can read more about the regulations that apply and the measures to be taken if you intend to arrange a regatta.

Must I have a permit?

You are not required to request a permit for holding a regatta from the Danish Maritime Authority.

If the event has an extent that may affect navigational safety or freedom of navigation, the Danish Maritime Authority must assess the case with a view to deciding whether it is necessary to issue specific injunction or prohibition orders for securing navigation or preventing danger.

In order to assess safety of navigation, you must go through the general guidelines for construction works at sea.

We do not normally establish special areas

If you intend to arrange a regatta, please observe that the Danish Maritime Authority will not in general establish areas with restrictions on freedom of navigation. Thus, it will not normally be possible to establish areas where it is prohibited to navigate due to regattas.

Aids to navigation

The deploying of aids to navigation must be approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. However, this is not the case with the marking of regatta lanes that are laid out and removed on the same day.

Avoid regattas in areas with much ship traffic

Plan your regatta in an area where traffic by large ships is limited.

You should observe that in narrow waters or fairways small ships must not impede the safe passage of large ships that can navigate safely only in the waters or fairways as such. Small ships must, well in advance and by means of a clear manoeuvre, show that they will not impede the safe passage of large ships. This is described in the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, regulations 8 and 9.

Notification of ships

As the organiser of a regatta, you must, no later than four weeks before the start, forward information about the event to Notices to Mariners,, so that the ships are informed well in advance. The notice must contain information about the date and time, place, route and number of participants.


If the event starts or ends outside Denmark or in the territorial waters of more countries, you should enquire about the relevant countries' regulations.

Traffic separation systems and deep-water routes

Normally, the Danish Maritime Authority cannot, in consideration of navigational safety, accept the arrangement of regattas that will cross traffic separation systems or are closer than one nautical mile from the ends of a traffic separation system or deep-water route in Danish territorial waters. You can find the relevant information in official charts.

Areas with a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

If the regatta is planned within a VTS area, the VTS centre is to be held informed about everything of relevance to navigational safety on an ongoing basis, including the start and completion notification of the VTS. This is how to contact the VTS:

VTS Sound: +46 4020 43 17 /

VTS Great Belt: +45 5837 68 68 /

Crossing ships' routes

Traffic routes, fairways or navigation channels should be crossed as perpendicularly to the direction of operation as possible so that the racing yachts pass as fast as possible and, if it is within a VTS area, passage should take place in consultation with the VTS.

Cancellation or changes

In case the regatta is cancelled or interrupted, please inform the VTS and Notices to Mariners about this as soon as possible(

Wind, weather and current

Examine the conditions of weather and current before start. Information is, inter alia, available from Danish Meteorological Institute:

Inform about the event

Inform the authorities, such as bridge operators, VTS, port authorities, the police, pilots and the like, in the vicinity of the area about the carrying out of the event. In case of any objections, the Danish Maritime Authority will consider these.



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