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​​HNS substances are a number of potentially dangerous and harmful substances that have occurred in connection with the carriage of dangerous and polluting substances by sea.​

Who is required to report and when?

Companies that receive HNS substances by sea must every year before 15 March submit information about the quantity of HNS substances received the previous year. This applies in all cases where there is a reporting obligation.

The information is forwarded to the IOPC Fund in anonymised form.

The information is of importance to the international entry into force date of the IMO HNS Convention.

When is there an obligation to report?

The reporting obligation applies only to HNS substances carried in bulk (and thus not to packaged goods).

Furthermore, the reporting obligation applies only if a company has, within the calendar year concerned, received one or more of the following:

What are HNS substances?

HNS substances (Hazardous and Noxious Substances) are the potentially hazardous and noxious substances that are covered by section 212 of the merchant shipping act and by the International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea (HNS Convention).
  • liquefied natural gas of light hydrocarbons with methane as the main constituent (LNG)
  • at least 150,000 tonnes of heavy oil
  • at least 15,000 tonnes of other HNS substances

Companies that already report heavy oil

A number of companies already report the receipt of heavy oil. They do this in accordance with the regulations on the obligation to report and contribute to the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund. If the company already reports this, it is not required to make separate reports on HNS substances. This means that the company has no reporting obligation in this case.

Forward reporting form

The Secretariat of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund has drawn up a form to be used for companies' reports to the Danish Maritime Authority. The reporting form is available here: Reporting form

Please forward the filled in and signed form to

More information

The Danish Maritime Authority has issued more detailed regulations on the reporting obligation in order no. 1451 of 15 December 2014 on the reporting obligation of receivers of HNS substances carried in bulk by ship. See the order here



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