The Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board

The Board strives to enhance the safety of all types of yachtsmen and recreational divers.

The number of safety incidents and dead persons at sea must be reduced. Therefore, the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board has since 1967 informed about safety at sea by means of campaigns, webpages, safety demonstrations, etc. The Board is striving to strengthen the safety culture.

In recent years, the Board - in cooperation with inter alia the Trygfonden - has launched major attitudinal campaigns in order to increase the use of lifejackets, which are considered the single factor that could decrease the number of dead persons. But it would be even better if we were navigating in a safer manner and never needed to use the lifejackets. Therefore, the Board is seeking to prevent incidents by spreading knowledge about the five pieces of sailing advice:

  • Learn how to sail
  • Keep your gear well maintained
  • Plan your voyage
  • Have a lifeline to shore
  • Use a lifejacket

The Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board has 26 members, who have been appointed by the stakeholders' associations, interest organisations, and the authorities. Everybody has its role to play in connection with enhanced safety. The Secretariat of the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board is domiciled at the premises of the Danish Maritime Authority in Korsør.

See more on the webpage of the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board (in Danish)



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