Approved RIBs

Image of RIB
​​On this page, you can see which RIBs have been approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for carrying passengers. 

RIB means Rigid Inflatable Boat. They are boats with a rigid bottom and rubber pontoons on the side. Normally, they are capable of going very fast.

When you embark a RIB as a passenger, you can ask the master to sea the boat's "Permit to carry passengers", which must be posted on board as well as the boat's safety instructions. The permit states where the boat must sail and whether other conditions apply. The safety instructions state how the organiser works with safety.

The list below contains only RIBs that are to be surveyed by the Danish Maritime Authority. Boats with a power of propulsion below 100 kW and scantlings below 20 are not required to be surveyed.

List of approved RIBs



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