Test for certificate of competency

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​Do you have a recreational craft or do you intend to buy one? Then it is a good idea to sit for a test for a certificate of competency. It will enable you to sail safely and give you knowledge about how to attend to safety on board your recreational craft.

If you complete a test for a certificate of competency, you will get full information about safety at sea. At the same time, you will acquire the basic competences necessary to manoeuvre most recreational craft safely.

The teaching is tailored to fit new yachtsmen. You will learn about the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, maritime safety, fire prevention and fire fighting in small craft and protection of the marine environment. This is useful knowledge if you intend to set to sea.

In order to pass the test, you must anticipate some homework. You must also allow for expenses for materials, books, safety course, any night-time sailing and examination fees.

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Lost certificate

If you have lost your power boat license or certificate of competency in sailing for yachtsmen, you can order a new certificate here.

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