Yachtsman system for external examiners

Image of a yacht

The Danish Maritime Authority’s system for authorized external examiners' handling of yachtsman exams.

As an authorized external examiner and exam organizer, you can log onto “My page” by means of NemID and navigate to the “Exam” menu.

Do you want to organize a yachtsman exam?

If you want to organize a yachtsman exam, you can contact one of the Danish Maritime Authority’s authorized external examiners and make arrangements.

External examiners authorized by the Danish Maritime Authority are registered as exam organizers, in addition to their role as external examiners. Consequently, they are able to handle the entire process of creating exams, adding participants, submitting results and ordering certificates.

How does the system work?

Two roles are used to handle exams from start to finish: exam organizer and external examiner.

The role of the exam organizer consists in creating exams, adding participants and making arrangements with an external examiner.

Prior to the exam, the external examiner can view the exams to which he is connected and see the number of participants registered.

Once the exam has been carried out, the external examiner submits the results of each individual participant.

The exam organizer is now able to order the certificates for the participants who are qualified for a certificate.

For detailed guidance about the use of the system, please see the guidance available in related contents.


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