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Do you want to acquire an SRC certificate?

In order to acquire an SRC certificate you must pass an SRC test. On this page you can read more about this.

SRC tests

During the first six months of 2018, the holding of SRC tests will be transferred to approved test providers and, during the transition period, tests will be held by approved test providers and by the Danish Maritime Authority.

Sailing clubs, schools and the like can hold tests through approved test providers.

A list of approved test providers is available here.

A list of the tests held by the Danish Maritime Authority is available from the lower left-hand corner of this page under "Related contents".

Registration for an SRC test

You can register for all SRC tests by filling in the Danish Maritime Authority's application form. A fee of DKK 503 will be requested for registration for an SRC test, which will have to be paid in advance. The price includes an SRC certificate that will be issued by the Danish Maritime Authority once you have passed the test. SRC certificates are issued as plastic cards of credit card size.

Please submit your application well in advance and no later than 7 days before the test date. You will receive a confirmation of your registration for the test once we have considered the application.

A photo that complies with the regulations on passport photos should be attached to your application.

You will find the application form for the SRC test here.

Passport photo

The photo must be lifelike and against a white background. In the photo, you must be bare-headed and not wear sunglasses and you must look directly into the camera.

The digital size must be minimum 525x675 pixels and it must have a standard picture format, such as jpg.

The photo must comply with the police regulations on passport photos (in Danish).

Lost certificate

If you have lost your SRC certificate, you can order a new one

Apply for re-issue of an SRC certificate

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