Guidelines for becoming providers of tests and certificates

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Here, interested organisations can read more about how to apply for approval as administrators of tests for yachtsmen and issuers of certificates to yachtsmen.

Safety at sea will continue to be the basis for the holding of tests and applicants will be required to ensure that this is reflected in the organisation's statutes, objects clause or the like.

In 2017, it will be possible to apply for approval to hold tests and issue certificates in connection with powerboats and certificates of competency in yachting, respectively.

From 2018, it will be possible to apply for approval to handle all tests for yachtsmen and all types of certificates for yachtsmen.

Applications should be forwarded electronically to the Danish Maritime Authority:  Please write "application provider for yachtsmen" in the subject field.

Part 3 of the order on tests and certificates for yachtsmen issued by the Danish Maritime Authority stipulates the requirements to be met by an organisation that wants to apply for approval. Inter alia section 12 stipulates that a quality management system must be established that can handle the important processes related to the administration of the wording of test requirements, the holding of tests and the issuance of certificates. Thus, providers are required to be able to document and quality assure issues related to both professional yachting conditions and administration.

The Danish Maritime Authority has drawn up brief guidelines, consolidating the requirements related to the quality system, cf. section 12(4)(iii) on sections 1.2, 3, 5 and 7 of the annex to the Danish Maritime Authority's order on the approval and quality assurance, etc. of maritime training programmes. The guidelines are available here.

An application must also demonstrate how it is intended to solve tasks related to the requirements of the order. These requirements concern, inter alia, the reporting of tests (section 9), how to ensure correct holding of tests (section 10), guiding explanation for course participants, etc. on how to complete a test (section 11), how to handle external examiners (sections 17-19), presentation of important information to users (section 20), and the issuance of certificates and consideration of complaints (sections 22-23).

You can read the order here.