Yacht master training programmes

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The training programme consists of two parts, and you can become a yacht master of both 3rd and 1st class. This will make you more qualified, which means that you will be entitled to sail larger recreational craft.

A certificate of competency as a yacht master, 3rd class, entitles you to be a mate on recreational craft on voyages in all seas and to sail recreational craft with a length of up to 24 metres in the Baltic and the North Sea, around the British Isles, the Faroe Islands and along the coasts of Greenland.

When you have passed the exam as a yacht master, 1st class, you will - after having completed some seagoing service - be entitled to sail recreational craft with a length of up to 24 metres on voyages in all seas.

The teaching takes place in sailing clubs and at night schools, and the Danish Maritime Authority holds exams around the country.

You can read more about the structure and course of the training programme in the study manual for the yacht master training programmes.

At the start of the teaching, you must as the teacher forward preliminary information about the expected registration for the yacht master exam, using the form that is available here (in Danish).

Examinations will take place in accordance with the exam plan (in Danish).

Register for the exam:

You can register for the relevant exam here (in Danish)
You are to log in by means of your NemID and pay a test fee by credit card.
It is an advantage to have scanned the documentation required before logging in. You need:
Yacht master 3: Certificate of competency/power boat license and life-saving appliances.
Yacht master 1: Documentation of extended first aid course and demonstration of technical navigation means.

Certificate as a yacht master

If you want a certificate of competency as a yacht master, 3rd or 1st class, you can apply for it here (in Danish).

Here you can get a visual and auditory certificate for yachtsmen.


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