Safe manning document

A certain number of crewmembers are required on board a ship. As the responsible authority, the Danish Maritime Authority determines the number of crewmembers and issues so-called safe manning documents. 

What is a safe manning document/preliminary safe manning document?

A safe manning document/preliminary safe manning document means a document that contains information about the number of crewmembers required for a ship's operational and/or safety crew and the qualifications of each individual crewmember.

A safe manning document is drawn up for new ships and existing ships where changes necessitate this or where changes make the shipowner request it.

A preliminary safe manning document is issued to:

  • projected ships
  • ships to be converted
  • foreign ships intended to be transferred to the Danish flag

Below, you will find guiding information about the competency and certification requirements for the crew on various types of ships:

Guiding requirements for the crew


Below, you can read more about the safe manning documents for merchant ships and fishing vessels as well as about the possibility of being granted exemptions and short-handed sailing. Here, you can also find a link to our application form.