Complaints about medical examinations

​​​Danish Shipping Tribunal

Complaints can be made to the Danish Shipping Tribunal about medical examinations performed by maritime medical practitioners in either Denmark or abroad.

Seafarers, fishermen, the shipowner or the Danish Maritime Authority can file complaints. The complaint must have been filed no later than eight weeks after the date of examination.

Complaints should be forwarded to:

The Danish Shipping Tribunal, the Secretariat
The Danish Appeals Boards Authority (Nævnenes Hus)
Toldboden 2
DK-8800 Viborg
Tel. +45 72 40 56 00

In connection with future email enquiries, please leave out sensitive information, such as your social security number, since the internet connection is not encrypted.
However, if you do submit documentation containing your social security number, please cover the last four digits.



Seafarers, Certification and Social Affairs
Søfarende og certifikater
+45 72 19 60 00