Medical examinations in Denmark

In Denmark, medical examinations must be performed only by maritime medical practitioners appointed by the Danish Maritime Authority.

It is recommended that the seafarer or the fisherman makes an appointment with the maritime medical practitioner and brings the following to the medical examination:

  • Identification (discharge book, passport, driver's licence or any other photo ID)
  • Health certificate if he or she is in possession of one already

The maritime medical practitioner issues and endorses the health certificate following the medical examination. If the seafarer or the fisherman is found unfit for ship service, the maritime medical practitioner is still obliged to issue a health certificate containing an endorsement to this effect to the seafarer or fisherman.

If a medical practitioner who has been appointed a maritime medical practitioner performs a medical examination, it is not valid. Seafarers and fishermen must not be issued with health certificates or take up service on Danish ships on the basis of such an examination.


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