Health certificates for seafarers and fishermen

​​​​​​​All seafarers and fishermen on board Danish ships must hold a valid health certificate whereby the seafarer is found fit for ship service, possibly with limitations.

Seafarers must be in possession of a valid health certificate when serving on board a Danish ships.

The seafarer must be able to present a valid health certificate at all times during his / her employment. It is up to the shipmaster and the shipping company to ensure that the health certificate meets the necessary requirements.

Health Certificate must be issued by an authority that has implemented the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) and in accordance with the provisions of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC). 

Danish Health certificates are issued following a medical examination by a maritime medical practitioner in Denmark.

The Danish health certificate is in full compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and the STCW Convention.

If a health certificate has gone lost, the Danish Maritime Authority can issue a new certificate. Please contact ​



72 19 60 00