Certificate of recognition

Here you can read about Danish certificates of recognition for foreign seafarers and certificates of endorsement for foreign ship's cooks.

Certificate of recognition

A Danish certificate of recognition is a certificate issued to a seafarer who has not completed a Danish exam or does not hold a Danish certificate of competency, but who would like to be engaged on a ship flying the Danish flag.

If you hold a valid certificate of competency from the EU, Norway or Liechtenstein, you can apply for a Danish certificate of recognition. If you are from another country with which Denmark has concluded an agreement on recognition of certificates of competency, you can apply only through the shipowner or through its representative.

Use of the hologram discontinued

From 15 June 2015, the Danish Maritime Authority has issued certificates of competency, certificates of proficiency and certificates of recognition on a new type of certificate paper. Instead of the hologram with the training ship "Danmark", certificates will be furnished with a dry stamp with the Danish coat of arms.

Certificate of endorsement for foreign ship's cooks

If you are a foreign cook and would like to work on board a merchant ship flying the Danish flag, you must have a certificate of endorsement for foreign ship's cooks from the Danish Maritime Authority.

Foreign ship's cooks from an EU/EEA country:

Ship's cooks from other EU countries are approved on the basis of their ship's cook certificate from their own country.

Foreign ship's cooks outside the EU/EEA:

Ship's cooks from countries outside the EU/EEA must, on the other hand, be approved by the shipowner first. The shipowner does this by means of a so-called "48/24 declaration", which confirms that you have completed 48 months' apprenticeship as a ship's cook, 24 months of which in seagoing service.

Apply online for a certificate

You can, as a shipowner, agent or seafarer, apply for a certificate of recognition.

Apply for certificate

Practical information about applications for certificates

When you apply online, you must have your credit card ready. If you apply on behalf of a shipowner, or if you are a foreign agent, you must use the shipowner's CVR number. You can also choose to log in by means of your employee signature. A certificate costs DKK 500 in addition to EU ship's cook certificates.

You must attach the following towards the end of the application process:

  • Lifelike digital passport photo against a white background
  • Relevant documentation in digital format

Time of delivery and receipt

We need two to three weeks to consider your application, but always remember to apply well in advance.

When you have forwarded the application, you will receive two emails. One that confirms receipt of the application, along with a case number, and one that confirms receipt of your payment. You pay beforehand and will, therefore, be requested to pay by credit card once you have applied.

If you have any questions or need to forward additional documentation about your case, you must remember to state your case number in your emails.