Updates on pilot project on digital certificates

​Follow the MUMBAI MAERSK as the ship participates in a pilot project by the Danish Maritime Authority.

The project on digital certificates is being tested now, as MUMBAI MAERSK sails from Europe to Asia, with departure from Aarhus, Denmark.

During the voyage, the ship calls ports in Germany, Morocco, Singapore, China and South Korea, where data and experience on the use of digital certificates is collected, i.e. how the digital certificates can be utilized during port state control.

The ship and seafarers carry their valid physical certificates, but the project aims to show that digital certificates are faster, simpler and safer for seafarers, shipping companies and authorities.​


The project is now completed

Here is a brief summary on the project and voyage from Europe to Asia by the Mumbai Maersk.


​Official PSC passed with digital certificates

An important milestone for digital certificates was reached today.
Proof of our concept has been achieved.


Digital certificates inspected in China

After port calls in Shanghai and Dalian, China Maritime Safety Administration visited in Xingang for an inspection.


​Digital certificates up for inspection in Singapore...​

With great anticipation the ​Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) visited to perform the first live inspection on digital certificates.​

Feedback from Maersk auditor

We met with internal auditor, Henrik, from Maersk, who tested the prototype onboard.​


Ports of call in Germany​​​​​​

We will meet with the German authorities to follow up on the project.

The voyage continues from Europe to Africa, before heading east towards Asia.​​​

The voyage begins​​​​​

All lines clear, economical speed ahead.

The Mumbai Maersk has commenced the digital voyage.​​


Video from the pilot project launch

Handing over the prototype to Mumbai Maersk in Aarhus.​


Handover to Mumbai Maersk​

We are proud to announce todays launch, where we made the handover of the prototype to captain Jørgen.

In great collaboration with Maersk, the ship will complete an international voyage, having authorities test our prototype.​​


Meeting with Maersk and the captain for th​e pilot project​

Presentin​g the finalized prototype​, ready to go onboard and commence the voyage.​​​


We have developed a prototype for presenting certificates digitally onboard

This takes part of our vision and turning it into reality.

It visualizes a possible solution for the future utilization of digital certificates.​​​​​​​​​


Presentation at the International Maritime Organization in London

“Visions and demonstration on digital certificates for seafarers”
by the Danish Maritime Authority​​​.​​​​

Presentation at IMO



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