Certificate of proficiency

Once you have completed courses, you must apply for a number of different certificates online. Here, you can read about certificates of proficiency.

A certificate of proficiency is, for example, a certificate as an able ship's assistant or an ordinary ship's assistant, a watchkeeping certificate or a tanker operation certificate. A certificate as a second hand is not a certificate of proficiency, but rather a certificate of competency.

These certificates  - except tanker operation certificates - are issued by our approved training institutions when you have completed a course. Tanker operation certificates are issued only by the Danish Maritime Authority once you have completed the course.

Tanker operation certificates

First issue of tanker operation certificates:

When you have completed a special course for oil, chemical or gas tankers and have acquired three months' seagoing service as a ship's officer on a similar tanker, the Danish Maritime Authority will issue a certificate following digital application.

Apply online for your certificates

You must apply online for your certificates. This is the case in connection with the first issue, a renewal, a re-acquisition or if your certificate is lost.

When you apply via the form, you can choose to log in either by means of NemID or without NemID.

The difference is that - if you log in by means of NemID - you can save your application during the application process, in your case file or when you apply for your certificate. It makes it possible for you to retrieve the saved application later and to continue working with it.

If you choose to log in without NemID, you cannot save as you go along, but will have to complete the process.

Apply for a certificate 

My case file (in Danish)​

Renewal of tanker operation certificates:

In order to have your tanker operation certificate renewed, you must have completed three months' seagoing service on board ships where you can maintain your certificate. If, for example, you are engaged on oil tankers, you must have completed three months' seagoing service during the last five years on board oil tankers.

Re-acquisition of tanker operation certificates:

If you have not completed three months' seagoing service during the last five years on board tankers, you must complete a new course.

Lost tanker operation certificate:

If you have lost your certificate, you must apply to have a new certificate issued by us.

Other certificates of proficiency

First issue of certificates:

These certificates are issued by our approved training institutions once you have completed a course.

Lost certificate:

If you have lost your certificate, you must contact the training institution that has previously issued your certificate. It will issue you with a transcript. Please enquire the institution about the price.

If the training institution has closed down, you can apply for a transcript from the Danish Maritime Authority. In order for us to be able to issue a transcript to you, your certificate must have been registered in our systems.

Practical information about online applications for certificates

When you are online, you must have your NemID and credit card ready.

You will be asked to pay a user fee of DKK 500 per certificates. Towards the end of the application process, you can pay by credit card. The fee for your application is to be paid beforehand. Consequently, money will be withdrawn from your credit card shortly after you have forwarded your application to the Danish Maritime Authority.

Towards the end of the application process, you must attach the following:

  • Valid health certificate
  • Documentation of seagoing service
  • Lifelike digital passport photo against a white background (currently only in connection with tanker operation certificates)

Time of delivery and receipt 

We will need two to three weeks to consider your application, but always remember to apply well in advance.

When you have forwarded the application, you will receive two emails. One that confirms receipt of the application, along with a case number, and one that confirms receipt of your payment. You pay beforehand and will, therefore, be requested to pay by credit card once you have applied.

If you have any questions or need to forward additional documentation about your case, you must remember to state your case number in your email.

Record of service

Shipping companies by which the seafarer has been employed can draw up a record of service. It is possible to use the Danish Maritime Authority's record of service template. In case other templates are used, they must as a minimum contain the following:

  • Seafarer's full name
  • Place and date of signing on
  • Ship's type, name, port of registry, distinctive number or letters/port registration number/similar as well as its gross tonnage and kW
  • Seafarer's position
  • Place and date of signing off
  • Total seagoing service (months and days)
  • Trading area
  • Signature of the shipping company/employer/master and the seafarer.