Discharge book

Image of discharge book

Discharge books are used to documents seafarers' seagoing service. If you want a discharge book in order to document your seagoing service, you can apply from this page.

Who must hold a discharge book?

Danish seafarers are not required to have a discharge book. However, the Danish Maritime Authority recommends that you use a discharge book to document your seagoing service.

As a seafarer, you are responsible for documenting your seagoing service. You are also obliged to ensure that the discharge book has been filled in correctly by the master or that the shipowner issues a record of service.

Apply for a discharge book

How to apply for a discharge book

You apply online for a discharge book by filling in the application form, which is to be submitted to the Danish Maritime Authority. When you apply online, you must have your credit card at hand.

The following must be attached to your application:

  • A copy of the photo page of your passport, driver's license or most recently filled in discharge book.
  • A life-like photo against a uniform background. The photo must be in accordance with the passport regulations.

Fees and delivery

Discharge books are issued at a fee of DKK 500. You should expect to receive your discharge book by mail within a week. You can choose an alternative address of delivery in the application as such.

If you need the discharge book faster, you can pick it up from the Danish Maritime Authority. Towards the end of the application process, you can choose to pick up the discharge book. You can pick it up from the reception of the Danish Maritime Authority the following day, at the earliest. Please remember ID and your receipt.

Have you lost your discharge book?

If you have lost your discharge book, you can order a new one online, but unfortunately the Danish Maritime Authority cannot insert your previously completed seagoing service in your new discharge book.
Seafarers must themselves record their seagoing service

Shipowners are no longer required to report seafarers' seagoing service to the Danish Maritime Authority. Instead the seafarer is required to record his or her seagoing service.

The recording takes place through "My page" on the webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority. Here, you can read more about seagoing service and find guidelines about how to record your seagoing service.

Record of service

Shipping companies by which the seafarer has been employed can draw up a record of service. It is possible to use the Danish Maritime Authority's record of service template. In case other templates are used, they must as a minimum contain the following:

  • Seafarer's full name
  • Place and date of signing on
  • Ship's type, name, port of registry, distinctive number or letters/port registration number/similar as well as its gross tonnage and kW
  • Seafarer's position
  • Place and date of signing off
  • Total seagoing service (months and days)
  • Trading area
  • Signature of the shipping company/employer/master and the seafarer.