Certificate of competency

Image of certificate of competency

​A certificate of competency is a certificate issued to you by the Danish Maritime Authority once you have passed a radio test or the training programme for a navigating officer or engineer officer from a training institution offering maritime training programmes.

You  can read more about the new STCW requirements for seafarers here

Recording of seagoing service

As a seafarer, you are responsible for recording your seagoing service on "My page" before applying for certificates.

Here, you can read more about seagoing service and find guidelines for how to record your seagoing service

Apply for your certificates online

You must apply for your certificates online. This is the case for the first issue, an upgrade, a renewal, a re-acquisition or if your certificate has gone lost.

When you apply by means of the form, you can choose to log in either using or not using NemID.

Apply for certificate

Issue of your certificate of competency for the first time

When you have passed your exam from one of our approved education and training institutions, you must forward your application for a certificate to the Danish Maritime Authority.

Here you can see which training programme is required for a specific certificate of competency (in Danish)

Upgrading your certificate of competency

Seagoing service is required to have your certificate upgraded. The requirements for seagoing service vary according to the type of certificate. Read more under guidelines.

Our guidelines on the issue of certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency 

Renewal of certificate of competency

You can have your certificate of competency renewed if you have completed at least 12 months' seagoing service during the last five years or three months' seagoing service during the last six months.
It must, however, have been in a position where you can maintain your certificate. If you are engaged on Danish cargo ships, your seagoing service will normally be recorded by us.

If you are engaged on passenger ships or foreign ships, you can use our record of service/days at sea.

Re-acquisition of certificate of competency

If you have not been engaged at sea for the last five years or during the last three months within the last six months, you will have to re-acquire your certificates. Read more in our guidelines below in order to know what you have to re-acquire.

Guidelines - renewal of certificates of competency for engineer officers

Guidelines on tests for renewal of certificates of competency for navigating officers and tanker operation certificates at management level

Radio certificate

If you have completed a radio test and want a certificate of competency, you must apply for it from this page. The same applies if you need to have your radio certificate renewed.

Health certificate

In order to be issued with a certificate of competency, you must hold a valid health certificate. A health certificate is valid for two years. You can acquire a health certificate by contacting a maritime doctor. If you are engaged on foreign ships, you must use ours.

They are available here:  Guidelines

Certificates of competency for yachtsmen

You must also apply online if you want a certificate of competency. You can apply for a certificate of competency as a yachtsman, 1st class or 3rd class, or for a certificate of proficiency in sailing for yachtsmen.

In order to apply, you must have passed a yacht master exam or a test for a certificate of proficiency for yachtsmen. In addition, you must be subject to a sight and hearing test for yachtsmen with a maritime doctor or an eye specialist. You yourself must pay for the examination.

Sight and hearing test certificate for yachtsmen

If you want a plastic card for a test for a speed boat or certificate of proficiency for yachtsmen,
you can apply on the issue of certificates page.

Certificates of competency as a yacht master and certificates of proficiency in sailing for yachtsmen cannot be replaced for certificates of competency valid for merchant and fishing vessels.

Seagoing service for yachtmen's certificates

If you have been engaged in a position for which a yachtsman certificate is required, it will not be included as seagoing service for acquiring or maintaining certificates of competency for merchant or fishing vessels.

Practical information about online applications for certificates

When you apply, you must have your NemID and credit card ready for use. You will have to pay a user fee of DKK 500 per certificate.

Towards the end of the application process, you can pay by means of your credit card. Payment for your application is made beforehand so money will be drawn from your credit card shortly after you have forwarded your application to the Danish Maritime Authority.

Towards the end of the application process, you must attach the following:

  • Lifelike digital passport photo against a white background

  • Valid health certificate

  • Documentation of seagoing service

Time of delivery and receipt

We will need two to three weeks to consider your application, but always remember to apply well in advance.

When you have forwarded the application, you will receive two emails. One that confirms receipt of the application, along with a case number, and one that confirms receipt of payment. You pay beforehand and will, therefore, be requested to pay by credit card once you have applied.

If you have any questions or need to forward additional documentation about your case, you must remember to state your case number in your email.

Discontinued use of the hologram

From 15 June 2015, the Danish Maritime Authority has issued certificates of competency, certificates of proficiency and certificates of recognition on a new type of certificate paper. Instead of the hologram with the training ship "Danmark", certificates are furnished with a dry stamp with the Danish coat of arms.