My first certificate of competency

Certificate of competency

​​​​​​Which certificate of competency can be issued based on my maritime exam?

Here you will find an overview of the certificates of competency, which typically can be issued after a mari​time exam is passed.

Furthermore the overview shows the highest grade of cerficate, which eventually can be achieved, based on the passed exam.

ExamCertificate of Competency​​​Highest grade of Certificate of Competency
​Junior officer exam as a ship's officerWatchkeeping engineer officer and watchkeeping mateWatchkeeping engineer officer and watchkeeping mate
​Senior officer exam (Master)​Mate 2nd class, and watchkeeping engineer officerMaster and watchkeeping engineer officer
​Senior officer exam (Chief engineer)Watchkeeping engineer officer and watchkeeping mateChief engineer and watchkeeping mate
​Senior officer exam (Dual purpose)​Watchkeeping engineer officer and mate, 2nd classMaster and Chief engineer
​Master exam (bachelor of profession)​Mate, 2nd classMaster
Master exam​Mate, 2nd classMaster
​Master (restricted) examMate, 3rd class​​Master (restricted)
Master (home trade) examMate, 4th classMaster (home trade)
​Skipper exam, 1st classMate, 1st class, on fishing vesselsSkipper, 1st class, on fishing vessels
​​​Skipper exam, 3rd classMate, 3rd class, on fishing vesselsSkipper, 3rd class, on fishing vessels
Training programme for mates (fishermen and ship's assistants)​Watchkeeping mate​​Watchkeeping mate
​​Training programme for mates (fishermen and ship's assistants)Mate, 1st class, on fishing vessels​Mate, 1st class, on fishing vessels​
​​Engineer officer exam with maritime optional subjectsWatchkeeping engineer officer​Chief engineer​
Mechanist examWatchkeeping engineer officer/Mechanist, 2nd classMechanist, 1st class
Radio training programmeRadio operator (GOC, ROC or LRC)Radio operator (GOC, ROC or LRC)

Eesbevisi​Højeste grad af Sønæringsbevis
r​Vagthavende maskinmester og Vagthave sdVagthavende maskinmester og Vagthavende styrmand
r)​Styrmand af 2. grad og Vagthavende maskinmesrSkibsfører og Vagthavende maskinm
)dSkibsmaskinchef og Vagthavende st
)dSkibsfører og Skibsmask
​Skibsførereksamen (professionsbachelor)​Styrmand af 2. gradSkibsfø
n​Styrmand af 2. gradSkibsfører 
KystskippereksamenStyrmand af 4. gradKystskipper
​Fiskeskippereksamen af 1. grad​Styrmand af 1. grad i fiskeskibeFiskeskipper af 1.
d​Styrmand af 3. grad i fiskeFiskeskipper af 3. grad
​Uddannelsen til Styrmand 
(erhvervsfiskere og skibsassistenter)
​Vagthavende styrmandVagthavende styrmand
​Uddannelsen til Styrmand 
(erhvervsfiskere og skibsassistenter)
​Styrmand af 1. grad i fiskeskibeStyrmand af 1. grad i fiskeskibe
​Maskinmestereksamen med maritime valgfag​Vagthavende maskinmesterSkibsmaskinchef
​Skibsmaskinisteksamen​Vagthavende maskinmester/Skibsmaskinist af 2. gradSkibsmaskinist af 1. grad
​Radiouddannelsen​Radiooperatør (GOC, ROC eller LRC)​Radiooperatør (GOC, ROC eller LRC)

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