Seagoing service

Seagoing service

As a seafarer, you are responsible for recording your seagoing service before applying for certificates. Here, you can read more about seagoing service and find guidelines for how to record your seagoing service.

What is seagoing service?

Seagoing service is the period for which you have signed on board a ship as a seafarer. Seagoing service is used as the basis for the issuance of certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency. You can record your seagoing service on My page.

Why must I record my seagoing service?

From 1 January 2017, shipowners are no longer obliged to report the signing on and signing off of seafarers. Seagoing service that has been reported by shipowners until 31 December 2016 will be listed in your overview. If the seagoing service does not figure on your overview, the Danish Maritime Authority has not received a report. Therefore, you must type in any missing periods of service – compare with your discharge book/record of seagoing service.

You are to report each individual signing on and off. In general, your periods of service during the last five years prior to an application for a new certificate will be included in the consideration of your application.

You can read more about the new regulations here.

When am I required to report my seagoing service?

You are not required to report seagoing service on an ongoing basis. You may choose not to report your seagoing service until immediately prior to an application for a new certificate.

I have created myself as a user without NemID

In general, you must log on by means of NemID, but if you have created yourself with a user name and a password, you must contact the Danish Maritime Authority by telephone: +45 72 19 60 15 the first time you use the system in order to have your DMA profile connected to your user profile.

Further assistance

Further assistance is available from "My page" under Help. We have also made four video guidelines that will guide you fast through the functions. See these below under "Related contents".