Seafarers on Danish ships

See the number of seafarers on board ships registered in the Danish International Register of Shipping.

Here you can see the annual figurs for the number of seafarers on board ships registered in the Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS) for the year 2019.

The record is based on shipowners reporting the number of seafarers on board their ships on one specific day.

The records for 2017, 2018 and 2019 differs from previous records (until and including 2016) in which the figures were computed on the basis of Danish shipowners' reporting of the number of seafarers signing on and off. Previous records were based on many manual reportings and, therefore, reservation is made as regards of

inaccuracies in the form of typing errors, incorrect reports, etc.

The record from 2017 and onwards, cannot be differentiated in respect on specific job categories, etc.​


​Job categoryDenmark, incl. Faroe Islands & Greenland​EEA/EU​Others​Total
​Navigating officers​443​349​701​1493
Engineer officers​596​284​830​1710
​Other officers (catering, cooks, electricians, etc.)
Ratings (except ordinary ship's assistants)
​Students (cadets, apprentices, ordinary ship's assistants)


​Job categoryDenmark, incl. Faroe Islands & Greenland​EEA/EU​Others​Total
​Navigating officers​481​341​747​1569
Engineer officers​652​343​821​1816
​Other officers (catering, cooks, electricians, etc.)​279​251​400​930
Ratings (except ordinary ship's assistants)​662​549​2586​3797
​Students (cadets, apprentices, ordinary ship's assistants)​249​58​882​1189


​Job categoryDenmark, incl. Faroe Islands & Greenland​EEA/EU​Others​Total
​Navigating officers​573336​603​​1513
Engineer officers​642323​916​1882
​Other officers (catering, cooks, electricians, etc.)​241304​902​1447
Ratings (except ordinary ship's assistants)​750​5131514​2779​
​Students (cadets, apprentices, ordinary ship's assistants)​27167​536​​879




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