Course registration

Here, you can register for a course at the Centre for Maritime Health Service by submitting an email to with information about which course you would like to register for.

Please inform us about the following:

  • Your name, date of birth and title
  • Your address, city and postal code
  • Your company and email address (alternative email, if relevant)

Course for which you would like to register:

  • A chest, basic course
  • B chest, basic course
  • A chest, refresher course
  • A-chest, E-learning and refresher course (Non-EU Captains ande Officers)
  • C+P chest (domestic ferries)

Food: Yes/No

Accommodation: Yes/No

You can state which date/weekday you would prefer, but the final course date will be agreed with the Secretariat.

Email: or tel.: +45 72 19 60 04



72 19 60 00