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​Category A, A-MFAG A1, A-MFAG A2, and Category B, B-MFAG has been updated. The detail of corrections are accessible on the last page of the PDF-version.


​News for the person in charge of Medical Care on board 

Danish Medicines Agency has issued the following news: Revoking deliveries of Epinephrine (pharmaceutical 4.1) to Danish flagged vessels from the company 2care4 

The revocation only applies to catalogue number 504235 with the following LOT/batch ID: 149139, 150266, 152100 and 154313.
We encourage all vessels to check their stock of pharmaceutical number of 4.1 Epinephrine, and contact Pharmacy/supplier if you are in possession of the above- mentioned LOT/batch numbers.

Please, contact, Centre of Maritime Health Service, if you have any questions. or Tel.: +45 72 19 60 04

​In July 2020, we will replace the current Supplementary 4-day course in Denmark with a combined 6-hour E-learning Programme and a 3-day in-house training course.

The combination is aimed at foreign Captains and Officers from non-EU countries holding a valid STCW-certificate A-VI/4-2.

When you have passed your E-learning programme, you will have to complete our 3-day in-house training course within 12 months. After completion, you will receive a STCW-certificate for Danish flagged vessels.

Course fee for both E-learning and in-house training is 4900 DKK.

Further information and booking – please contact our office: or Tel.: +45 72 19 60 04


​Radio Medical has a new website.

See the new website of Radio Medical


List of approved alternatives has been updated v.1.0.6


List of approved alternatives has been updated – User instruction on group no. 6.5.2


Communication with Radio Medical by Danish ships .​ The DMA has published an electronic, editable PDF form of the Radio Medical Record, which is now available from our website free of charge. This version should be considered an alternative to existing communication tools under the responsibility of the person in charge of medical care


​The malaria strategy has been updated. Primary amendments:
In the future, questions and requests for advice should always be directed to Radio Medical. New reference to an interactive map. Malaria strategy.


Updated cardiopulmonary resuscitation poster. On the basis of changes to basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, an updated poster has been developed. (Read and see more about Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)​​



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