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New update and corrections in Category A.

Category A, A MFAG A1 and A MFAG A2 has been updated. 

See the spreadsheet with "changes"


Are you a little rusty?

​Quite often, we hear from our students, 5 years between courses is a long time, and many feel, they are a little rusty in both theory and practical skills.

Consequently, and aided by the pandemic, we have designed an online course.

An E-learning course gives you an update on medicine chests, new medicine, treatment and the latest Covide-19 optional addition to medicine chests A and B.

The course is an option and a supplement to the courses on Fanø, and does not replace the attendance-course, where we update all the practical skills.

If you wish to sign in and learn more.



Updates on Supplement type P

​Updates and corrections on Excel version of Supplement P, please see tab "changes"


Updates of all Medicine Chests A + Supplement, type W

​Upon request from stakeholders and subsequent dialogue with the Danish Medicines Agency, Danish Maritime Authority added a new treatment option to Malaria, type Falciparum:

Group number 8.4 Tablet Artemeter/Lumefantrine 20mg/120mg.The medicine is part of the "Covid-19 Appendix" in all medicine chests, category A.

When you order 8.4 Artemeter/Lumefantrine 20mg/120mg from a Danish pharmacy, the pharmacy must request a permit from

Supplement type W

Request current version of supplement type W from Danish Maritime Authority, Centre of Maritime Health Service:


Suspended teaching and booking of future courses at Centre of Maritime Health Service.

Our government decided to continue the shutdown. Consequently, our Centre is not open for physical presence and teaching. Until we have plans, on how to re-open society, we suspend booking of future courses temporarily.

If your Medical Care Certificate expires shortly, you may contact our Centre in order to obtain a dispensation.

In connection with the dispensation, Danish Maritime Authority recommends to complete an E-learning program in order to refresh and update your theoretical knowledge on Medical Care on board Danish ships.

The E-learning includes introduction to the optional Covid-19 Appendix, introduced in January. In addition, the E-learning course has general information on Covid-19.

The E-learning cannot replace the practical teaching, but can provide theoretical knowledge, until we are again, able to provide practical teaching.

Danish Maritime Authority keeps the stakeholders informed, on our status, in an ongoing process.

Contact Centre of Maritime Health Service, at: or phone: +45 7219 6004


The medicine chests on Danish ships must be up-to-date and support medical care on board. Therefore, the Danish Maritime Authority has, after consultation with the industry and health authorities, issued a supplement to existing medicine chests A and B.

The addition contains medicine and medical equipment to support the specific challenges of medical care on board during the CORONA pandemic.

If your ship sails in waters where medical care and help from ashore may present challenges, the DMA urges you to use the options in the appendix. Supplement the amount of additional medicine and medical equipment as needed.

The addition comes in well known formats:
•Within the Excel file, additional medicine and medical equipment have red tabs. Find user instructions and labels for the additions within the respective tabs.

•In the PDF file, find additional medicine and medical equipment at the last pages together with the User Instructions and labels.

The scheme with extra medicine and medical equipment is valid until 31 December 2021. At this time, the DMA will evaluate the necessity for an extension.

You can find the inventory lists here

If you have questions to the above, please contact


​Minor update of Radio Medical Record

We continuously try to improve your communication options to Radio Medical Denmark.

In this context, we made some minor improvements in The Radio Medical Record.

The improvements include: 

  • When you enter name/birthdate on the first page, this information automatically transfers to all pages of the report
  • Vitals entered on page one and two automatically transfers to column 1 on page 4
  • Fluid table on page 6: Amounts of fluid entered to the list adds up automatically.

Download latest version



​Centre of Maritime Health Service teaches Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in new relevant and challenging ways. 

In 2020, we replaced the old mechanical resuscitation-manikins with new electronic ones. The new electronic manikins gives the individual student visual feedback on the efficiency of performed resuscitation.
In addition to the direct feedback, the manikins increases the competitive component and motivates the student to try to improve his own result.

Read more new guidelines on CPR


​The Radio Medical Record from Danish Maritime Authority is now updated. The new version is more user-friendly and documentation is made easier.

Several additional fields are filled in automatically and several fields simply needs a tick off, instead of a text.

On page 5 - drawings of body contour, it is now possible to mark positions more precisely.

Radio Medical Record


​Category A, A-MFAG A1, A-MFAG A2, and Category B, B-MFAG has been updated. The detail of corrections are accessible on the last page of the PDF-version.


​News for the person in charge of Medical Care on board 

Danish Medicines Agency has issued the following news: Revoking deliveries of Epinephrine (pharmaceutical 4.1) to Danish flagged vessels from the company 2care4 

The revocation only applies to catalogue number 504235 with the following LOT/batch ID: 149139, 150266, 152100 and 154313.
We encourage all vessels to check their stock of pharmaceutical number of 4.1 Epinephrine, and contact Pharmacy/supplier if you are in possession of the above- mentioned LOT/batch numbers.

Please, contact, Centre of Maritime Health Service, if you have any questions. or Tel.: +45 72 19 60 04

​In July 2020, we will replace the current Supplementary 4-day course in Denmark with a combined 6-hour E-learning Programme and a 3-day in-house training course.

The combination is aimed at foreign Captains and Officers from non-EU countries holding a valid STCW-certificate A-VI/4-2.

When you have passed your E-learning programme, you will have to complete our 3-day in-house training course within 12 months. After completion, you will receive a STCW-certificate for Danish flagged vessels.

Course fee for both E-learning and in-house training is 4900 DKK.

Further information and booking – please contact our office: or Tel.: +45 72 19 60 04


​Radio Medical has a new website.

See the new website of Radio Medical


List of approved alternatives has been updated v.1.0.6


List of approved alternatives has been updated – User instruction on group no. 6.5.2


Communication with Radio Medical by Danish ships .​ The DMA has published an electronic, editable PDF form of the Radio Medical Record, which is now available from our website free of charge. This version should be considered an alternative to existing communication tools under the responsibility of the person in charge of medical care


​The malaria strategy has been updated. Primary amendments:
In the future, questions and requests for advice should always be directed to Radio Medical. New reference to an interactive map. Malaria strategy.


Updated cardiopulmonary resuscitation poster. On the basis of changes to basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, an updated poster has been developed. (Read and see more about Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)​​



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