Radio Medical Record

​​​​​​​​​Now, the Radio Medical Record is also available in an electronic version for downloading. 

The Radio Medical Record has been divided into three documents for use at different times:

  1. The first written contact, including an ABCDE form for describing the problem
  2. Observation form for various measurements
  3. Documents for continuous treatment​
    • Continuous documentation and treatment
    • Photo for marking injuries
    • Fluid chart

When you have downloaded the Radio Medical Record, the original is saved on the ship's computer. The filled in Radio Medical Record is attached to an e-mail directed to Radio Medical, together with a photo – if relevant.

The filled in Radio Medical Record should be saved for one year.

RADIO ME​DICAL DENMARK Phone: +45 75 45 67 66 Email:​



Centre for Maritime Health Service
Center for det Maritime Sundhedsvæsen
+45 72 19 60 04