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​​​​​​Most Danish special requirements have been repealed, which makes it considerably easier to register a ship under the Danish flag. Still more shipping companies choose to do so, thereby getting access to a number of services offered by the Danish Maritime Authority.                                  

Transfer to the Danish flag 

When a shipping company becomes a part of Blue Denmark and is flying the Danish flag, the Danish Maritime Authority can offer a number of different services.

One of the services offered is our Point-of-Contact scheme, which puts the shipping company in contact with a permanent group of ship surveyors with in-depth knowledge about the company and its special needs. A permanent contact person will always follow up and revert to the company. The scheme is completely voluntary.

Point-of-Contact scheme

If you are contemplating flying the Danish flag, we can also offer a free, non-committal meeting at which we will answer any questions that you may have. The meeting can take place at one of our offices, over the phone or as a video conference, whichever may suit you best.

The first time you contact the Danish Maritime Authority, a ship surveyor will be appointed the company's contact person - i.e. the direct link between the shipping company and the Danish Maritime Authority. We are of the belief that it will make the process smoother and give you a better perception of the change of flag procedure.

We have drawn up two change-of-flag packages - one directed at shipyards and another one directed at shipping companies. The packages contain information about how to change to the Danish flag or build to the Danish flag.

Information for shipping companies

Information for shipyards

Danish regulations are quite similar to international ones

All mandatory areas (SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, Load Line, Tonnage Measurement, etc.) have been delegated to the classification societies. The shipowner must ask the ship's classification society to perform a "change-of-flag" survey and issue new, Danish, international certificates in accordance with IACS's change-of-flag procedures, IMO resolution A.1104(29), and the Danish class agreement.

As regards Danish regulations in addition to the provisions of the SOLAS Convention, the Danish Maritime Authority will identify the areas requiring modifications and coordinate this with the classification society. You yourself must authorise the ship's classification society to provide the Danish Maritime Authority with information about the ship's survey history. 

The ship must meet the following regulations: 

  • Notice A from the Danish Maritime Authority on, inter alia, occupational health and safety conditions, including noise
  • Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, including omfattende SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line, crew accommodation and other Danish national requirements
  • Relevant technical regulations
  • On-board equipment must in general meet the requirements of EU Council directive 96/98/EC, as amended (also referred to as the MED directive or the wheel-mark directive) and be "wheel-marked".

Ships transferred to the Danish flag must meet the relevant rules and regulations applicable when the ship was built. Furthermore, they must meet the regulations that have been introduced since they were built.

Most regulations and the class agreement are available from the webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority.

Read more about regulations

Read more about the class agreement

If you want the ship to be transferred from a non-EU flag, wheel-marked equipment must be approved in accordance with EU Council directive 96/98/EC. Therefore, you must send the A1 list of non-wheel-marked equipment to the classification society or the Danish Maritime Authority. We recommend that the approval be made by a classification society.

Initially, the ship will be issued with an interim certificate of nationality and interim trade permit. Later, when the approval procedure is completed, a completely valid certificate of nationality will be issued and a completely valid trade permit.

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