Transfer of flag

Danish shipping is characterised by high quality, an international outlook and a gift for innovation. Several foreign shipowners have noticed these positions of strength, thus creating a need for information about flying the Danish flag.

The first time you contact the Danish Maritime Authority, a ship surveyor will be appointed as your contact person on the case - the direct link between the shipowner and the Danish Maritime Authority. We believe that it will make the entire process easier and that you will - as a shipowner - feel that the process progresses better.

If you are contemplating flying the Danish flag, the Danish Maritime Authority can offer a free non-binding meeting, at which we will answer your questions. The meeting can be held at one of our offices, over the phone or, if relevant, as a video conference - you can choose what suits you best.

It is not difficult to fly the Danish flag. In recent years, the Danish Maritime Authority has reduced the number of special regulations applicable to ships flying the Danish flag. Following thorough consideration, we have decided to remove some of the national provisions. This means that it has become easier to transfer a ship to the Danish flag since many national regulations have now become international and apply irrespective of the flag that the ship is flying.

See also the information leaflet on the transfer of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) to the Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS).