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Annual fees have been introduced for all ships registered in the Danish registers of shipping. The fee applies to all types of ships and is calculated on 1 March each year.

If you are the owner of a registered ship, you will receive an invoice from the Danish Maritime Authority.

The annual fee has been differentiated according to the ship's tonnage. 

Gross tonnage below 20                                        DKK 800

Gross tonnage between 20 and 500                  DKK 1,600

Gross tonnage above 500                                      DKK 2,400​

Worth knowing

The annual fee has been adopted by the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) by act no. 1384 of 23 December 2012. The act became effective on 15 February 2013 and stipulates that the annual fees are due for payment each year on 1 March.


Ships worthy of preservation

Ships that have been declared worthy of preservation by the Danish Ships Preservation Trust (Skibsbevaringsfonden) are exempted from the annual fee. On its webpage, the Trust has a list of ships that have been declared worthy of preservation.

See the list of ships worthy of preservation here.

Greenland ships

Ships with their port of registry in Greenland are considered Greenland ships. The annual fee does not apply to Greenland ships owned by a person or a company domiciled in Greenland.


The invoice is forwarded every spring by eBoks and PBS.

Check that your information is correct

The annual fee will be collected from the registered owner of the ship. Therefore, it could be a good idea to check whether your information is correct. On (in Danish) you can see which information is registered about your ship. If, for example, you have moved to a new address, you can inform the Register of Shipping about this by email

Has the ship been sold?

Then, the ship must either be deleted from the Register of Shipping or the change of ownership must be reported and the original bill of sale must be forwarded to the daily log of the Register of Shipping.
See here how to delete a pleasure craft.
See here how to register a change of ownership in a pleasure craft.

Still in doubt?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ of the Danish Maritime Authority on the annual fee.
FAQ on the annual fee


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