Admission: foreign ships

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​​​​​​​​​In some cases, ships owned by foreign companies can be registered in the Register of Shipping or DIS. For example, a ship owned by a foreigner can be admitted to DIS if the foreign company is controlled by a Danish shipping company. ​

Foreign company controlled by a Danish shipping company

Ships can be admitted to DIS if a Danish shipping company has the control over the foreign company. For example, the company may own a considerable part of the share capital or the voting rights in the foreign company.

Foreign company with affiliation with and activities in Denmark

Ships owned by a foreign company can also be admitted to register in DIS, the Register of Shipping or the Boat Register if the ship is operated from Denmark.

However, two conditions must be met: The activity requirement and the establishment requirement.

Activity requirement

The activity requirement means that the ship must be effectively administered, controlled and operated from Denmark.

It is possible to divide the activities into four main groups:

- Technical operation

- Manning

- Commercial operation

- Financial operation

The foreign owner of the ship must declare that the activity requirement is met. Furthermore, the owner must state which of the above-mentioned activities are located in Denmark. Subsequently, the Register of Shipping will assess whether the activity requirement is met.

Establishment requirement

Foreign companies domiciled outside the EU and EEA area must establish in Denmark. Normally, the establishment will have the form of a subsidiary company, a branch office or an agency.

If you need guidance and information about the activity and establishment requirements, then have a look at the following:

  1. Information about EU/EEA shipping companies' possibilities of having ships admitted to the Danish International Register of Shipping
  2. Order no. 1654 of 20st. December 2017 on registration of a trading vessel owned by a person or a company that is not regarded as being Danish.

If the foreign company is domiciled in an EU or EEA member State, it is not required to establish a subsidiary company, a branch office or an agency in Denmark. Instead it suffices to appoint a representative whom it must, inter alia, be possible to summon on behalf of the foreign owners.

Forward the documentation needed

If the ship has been bought abroad, you must forward either the builder's certificate or the bill of sale. You must also forward either a declaration certifying that the ship has been deleted (deletion certificate) or a non-registration certificate from the country concerned. All foreign documents must have been certified by a notary. You can find the relevant forms below.

Contact a tonnage measurer or a classification society

Here, you will find a list of authorised tonnage measurers who can define your ship's tonnage.

Authorised tonnage measurers

If you intend to have your ship measured abroad, you must use an approved classification society instead.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Bureau Veritas (BV)
Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)
Lloyd's Register (LR)
Polish Register of Shipping (PRS)
Korean Register (KR)
China Classification Society (CCS) 



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