Change of ownership

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​​​​​Here, you can read more about which documents to forward to the Danish Maritime Authority when you would like to register a change of ownership to a pleasure craft in the Register of Shipping. You will find the relevant forms in the box at the bottom of the page.​

It is possible to register a change of ownership only if the Danish Maritime Authority receives a document of title that meets the formal requirements. Document of title is a common term used for documents proving that the owner actually has the ownership of the ship.

You must ensure that the documents of title meet the following requirements:

  • In order to be registered, a document of title must be in either Danish or English.
  • It must be clear that ownership of the ship is transferred to the buyer.
  • The date of acquisition must be stated.
  • The document of title must be signed by the one selling the ship.
  • The document of title must be furnished with the seller's original signatures.​
  • All signatures must be accompanied by the day, month and year of the signature.
  • The names of the signatories must be repeated in block letters or typescript, by means of a stamp or the like.
  • If the seller is a company, the document of title must be signed by the persons authorised to sign for the company.
  • It would be an advantage to use the forms B1 (builder's certificate) or B2 (Bill of Sale).

Annual fee

You must pay an annual fee for having the ship admitted to the Register of Shipping.
Get an overview of the fee here.

Private persons must also be registered as a shipping company

In connection with a change of ownership, the buyer must be registered as a shipping company - though the buyer is a private person.

In order to register you as a shipping company, you must use form R1 if you are the sole owner. If you are more owners, you must forward form R2.​​



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