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Commercial ships and pleasure crafts  with gross tonnage of or above 20 must be registered in the Register of Shipping. That also applies to houseboats  used as private residence with gross tonnage of or above 20.

​​In order to have a ship admitted to the Register of Shipping, you must forward a number of documents. The documents are required to have a certain format, which you should know when you intend to register your ship. You can always ask us if in doubt. The documents are the following:

  • Tonnage certificate
  • Form S 1 or S 3
  • Relevant form for company application for registration, for example R1
  • Document of title
  • Deletion certificate or certificate of non-registration
  • Documentation of previous owners

Find more detailed information about the documents and the important form requirements here.

Annual fee

You must pay an annual fee for having the ship admitted to the Register of Shipping.
Get an overview of the fee here.


Do you intend to register a pleasure craft?

Registration in the Register of Shipping is mandatory for Danish pleasure craft with a gross tonnage of or above 20.                

Contact a tonnage measurer or a classification society

Here, you will find a list of authorised tonnage measurers who can define your ship's tonnage.

Authorised tonnage measurers



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