Delete a pleasure craft

Image of yacht

​​​If you want to have your craft deleted, you must forward a form to the Danish Maritime Authority. The type of form to be used depends on why you want to have your craft deleted from the register. See below which form to use - the forms as such are found in the box at the bottom.

Craft without mortgage or right of use

From 1. March 2018 it is no longer possible to register a leisure craft with a gross tonnage below 20 in The Danish Shipping Register. Leisure crafts without mortgages or rights of use registered will be deleted from this date, as will crafts automatically when no longer holding mortgages or rights of use. This also applies to crafts with no mortgages changing their use to leisure craft.

Craft sold to another country, lost or scrapped

You must have your craft deleted if you sell it to another country or if it is lost or has been scrapped. This is the case regardless of the size of the recreational craft, and you must forward one of the following:



Danish Ship Register
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