Insurance - maritime claims

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​​​If you own a ship with a gross tonnage (GT) of or above 300, you must inform the Danish Maritime Authority about your insurance against maritime claims.

The regulations stipulate, inter alia, that all Danish ships with a gross tonnage of or above 300 must have a certificate of board documenting that insurance has been taken out for maritime claims. Ships covered by the certification requirement must not engage in trade without having the certificate on board.

The requirement to submit information applies only if your insurance has not been approved beforehand by the Danish Maritime Authority. All insurances issued by the P&I clubs of the international group of P&I clubs (IG) - referred to as "Certificate of Entry" - have been approved.

In certain circumstances, the certification requirement also covers foreign ships with a gross tonnage of or above 300. On the other hand, the requirement does not apply to warships or other ships owned or used by a State and used for non-Government, non-commercial services.

Reporting form on insurance for coverage of maritime claims

Guidelines on the reporting of insurance certificates to the Danish Maritime Authority as proof of coverage of maritime claims


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