Passenger ship surveys

Image of cruise ship

The Danish Maritime Authority surveys all Danish passenger ships at least once a year.


The survey is to contribute to a high level of safety on board Danish passenger ships so that it is safe to be carried by them and so that it is possible to rescue everybody in case of an accident.

The purpose of the survey is to verify that the ship has, as a minimum, a technical standard complying with current regulations and the intentions behind the regulations and that the daily work is characterised by safety work and a safety culture enabling the crew to operate the ship safely and act effectively in case of an accident.

Consequently, the shipowner must ensure and the Danish verify through the survey:

  • That the ship and equipment is in working order so as to avoid accidents insofar as possible – or alternatively be able to manage them.
  • That the crew has knowledge about and is capable of handling worst case scenarios.
  • That the crew's health, safety and social conditions are under control.

Annual survey theme

Every year, the Danish Maritime Authority selects a theme related to marine accidents and a theme related to occupational health which will be in focus during the surveys. In the table below, you can see the themes chosen.

Year ​Marine accident ​Occupational health
​2021​Safety of navigation/bridge resource management​Mental occupational health; welfare and harassment
​2020​​Collision and man-over-board​Carcinogenic substances
​2019​Fire on car deck​Ergonomics
​2018​Collision at sea with flooding, listing and evacuationWork with hazardous chemicals
​2017Fire in the accommodation (incl. evacuation)​Jamming injuries
​2016 ​Lost steering​Falls
​2015 Fire on car deck​Heavy lifts
​2014​Collision with 2-room damage​Work with chemicals

Below, you can read more about the contents and arrangement of passenger ship surveys.



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